Am I Sedentary Or Lightly Active

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Am I Sedentary Or Lightly Active. If the scale doesnt move either increase activity or decrease calories and see how that works out. You could always start eating at a deficit based on lightly active for a few weeks.

Activity Level Descriptions Vs Setting Cronometer Community
Activity Level Descriptions Vs Setting Cronometer Community from

Sedentary or Lightly Active or Moderately Active. Use this setting if you are synced to a device that tracks workouts only not tracking general activity. Sedentary little or no exercise lightly active light exercisesports 1-3 daysweek moderatetely active moderate exercisesports 3-5 daysweek very active hard exercisesports 6-7 days a week extra active very hard exercisesports physical job or 2x training.

The activity setting just covers what your lifestyle is like before exercise so the extra calories will cover the time you spend on your feet and walking etc.

Sedentary lifestyle for the purposes of a TDEE adjustment still assumes a certain level of activity. 10000 to 23000 steps or 4 to 10 miles a day is considered Active. Your job andor daily home activities not including deliberate exercise. Lightly active I assume is for maybe someone whos up and about walking around throughout the day.